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2021.09.28 09:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 09:24 avawatson6244 As you Said

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2021.09.28 09:24 BonusStagePublishing Retrospective: What The H*ll Happened This Week (W39)?

Our style at Bonus Stage has all the time been brutal honesty. We have told everyone we will be open, direct, and straightforward in our doings. Well, I ended up asking myself “what the heck happened?” this week when I realized we have been just as secretive as every other company in the world. Honesty, by my bald, beautiful buttocks…

But now it is going to start! This is a management’s weekly newsletter to anyone who may or may not be interested in what the hell is happening at this video game publisher’s offices. I’m Sami, the co-founder and some kind of directochief-something-officeSVP/president/partnesomething in this company. The other co-founder, Asmo, has the same exact titles. I will try to publish this newsletter regularly, but I might fail in that. Sorry about that.

First, a bit background about us. This company was founded (by us) in 2019. At first, we were consultants and agents in the gaming industry. We were matching game studios and publishers and investors. Then, Covid arrived, virtual industry events were lame, money-people got hesitant, and we got bored. A couple of months later we tried publishing our first game on a “let’s see what happens” basis.

Fast-forward about a year from that, and we have published one game really, one game as a training project, and one release which we call it was a soft launch. We have now three games that have locked in launch dates (Warshmallows, JANITOR BLEEDS, and Last Soul), plus roughly ten in the pipeline otherwise.

The first and only real launch this far was Sunblaze that came out in June (2021).

Sunblaze retrospective
Sunblaze is made by a Belgian studio Games From Earth. Really it is a solo developer, Sven Magnus, but he worked in deep co-operation with a few people around the world, helping him with pixel art, music, storytelling, ideation, and everything else. We started working with the game in January this year. We almost didn’t get to publish the game because Sven really hated/hates our logo. I’m a true artist at my soul, and I’m proud of the logo we have, so after a tantrum or two from me, we said we will do something about it later if we can publish the game.

We still have not, so here’s to our logo:


Bonus Stage Publishing
Everything in our pre-launch was pretty chaotic. We wanted to do everything possible. We had three people in our team, and Sven did not sleep for three or four months when he just wanted to make a perfect game.

If you don’t know how to master a thing in the world, you just have to look at the masters, do everything they do, and see what you can improve for the next round. We looked at every master: Devolver, Raw Fury, tinyBuild, Zordix, Paradox, 1C… And we listed everything they do and decided to do the same things. And we made them! There may be a thing or two we missed, but the momentum was on our side.

Another value of our company is to focus on shipping when you’re learning. We preach about 20/80: give 20% of effort on 80% of things. Just ship that shit. Try out, make mistakes, iterate. So we did a metric ton’s worth of things on 20% quality. Well, in all honesty: 20% of quality on ours terms. We are badass Finnish people so that’s about 98% of ordinary people’s effort.

Our biggest sins and problems were that we failed with the press and influencers. We sent the game for review about two to three weeks before the release. And due to last-minute things and our rookie spirit in porting, the Nintendo Switch version was sent for reviews on release day. AND THAT WAS TOO LATE, Y’ALL.

Note for self and everyone else, too: COMMUNICATE WITH PRESS AND INFLUENCERS VERY EARLY ON. Don’t rely on spamming the same list everyone else has and Googling what the heck is an embargo. That shit does not matter. Find the right people, chat with them, and boom. Ten great connections are worth diamonds. A press list on Excel is just coal.

Otherwise, everything went pretty well with Sunblaze. We had about five months to market the game. For the release, we got a few thousand wishlists and few hundred followers on Steam. That was not encouraging, but we also knew the potential of the game, and it already had a strong and devoted community (we deeply love you guys).

So, on the release date, the stats on any store did not update. I went to bed unknowingly of the release sales. We spent some time on Steam’s front page and even more time on platformers’ trending list. That was most likely because we spent a lot of money on advertising. It seems Steam will lift you higher in rankings when you bring a lot of people there from your own sources. In the morning the numbers were like “oh, it’s not tens of thousands… so we need to keep on working.” There’s nothing as dull as anti-climatic excitement.

The release month of Sunblaze closed on few thousand copies. It was not great. Also, we knew what was wrong. On the brighter side, the game has got many tens of thousands of wishlists and it is expanding to new platforms soon! I was just today hanging out on IndieLand 2021 and seeing Jirard (The Completionist) playing the game and I just know Sunblaze will hit it off hard this year still. The game is expanding to Japan and Korea soon, new platforms arriving in months, and along will come new content. Exciting times!

Company retrospective and our future After this summer we had some changes in our company, and for one week it was just us two: the founders. At the same time, we signed up two new people to the company: Juuli for social media stuff and Daniil for account management and processes.

We have been finding and signing new games. We have been looking for a video content creator to join our troops. We have been developing the process (removing the not-worth-our-time things).

We have been making a new logo. No, this is not me saying “yeah you’re right” to all the naysayers. The new logo will be even weirder. I promise.

So next year we are going to publish hopefully at least six games altogether and hire a few more people.

My nature allows me not to say that I could have done something differently, so in retrospect, I would not change anything that has happened this far. These massive bags under my eyes probably would like to talk about their own abuse but just like my 92-year-old grandmother says: there’s time to sleep you’re in the grave.

It will be awesome to start finally seeing people soonish (GDC 2022??? Nordic Games 2022???). All our games are awesome. Our team will be magnificent. I’m just really super excited about everything that’s coming.

And as nobody is reading this anymore, I’ll just close down by saying: see you in a week (or something like that).

With love, Sami
PS. Join our Discord and stay in the loop http://discord.bonusstage.co
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2021.09.28 09:24 Dead_wet_flesh_jets Howdy, assholes!

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2021.09.28 09:24 Powers_minipainter Finished My First Orks Kommando Fireteam

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2021.09.28 09:24 axstonee Axstone 95, Me, Digital, Nft, 2021

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2021.09.28 09:24 Godly_Shrek Chest pains after after second pifzer shot?

Hi all, it's been 7 days since I got my second Pfizer injection, here's a timeline of what happened to me. I'm a relatively healthy male aged 22 in Sydney.
First injection, sore arm, VERY dull almost unnoticeable chest pain/sensation. didn't think anything of it. it did remain however for about 3 or 4 weeks till my next injection.
Second injection a month later at 3pm, sore arm but about an hour afterwards I started feeling fairly uncomfortable chest pain, similar to the chest pain from the first shot but much more intense.
I waited for it to subside but eventually ended up calling the vaccine helpline and they directed me to call an ambulance straight away and made me take 3 aspirin / blood thinners.
The ambulance came, ECG came back completely normal, heart rate normal, blood pressure normal.
So I go to the emergency department at my local hospital, they run an ECG, comes back normal, blood pressure normal, bpm normal etc etc. They also took blood for troponin and it came back negative.
They sent me home with a script for a combination of ibuprofen and codeine for inflammation and swelling, they suspect its a mild case of myopericarditis potentially.
Since then the pain has gotten more dull on average but it does spike in intensity from time to time.
I also now feel discomfort/pain in my left arm still which is where I was injected.
I've followed up my general practitioner who's informed me to take it easy on any exercise and has referred me to a cardiologist who I will be seeing in a week from now. Tomorrow I'm getting another physical check as well with my general practitioner.
part of me also suspects my painf could be from Costochondritis, or a rib cage cartilage inflammation, considering all my heart results come back saying its fine. i don't feel shortness of breath or dizziness etc.
What can I expect in the future for my condition? I've read similar stories here to mine but so far nobody has really followed up on their long term prognosis. doctors have told me my condition should solve itself within weeks to months with no long term effects, however in rare cases it can cause heart issues even after recovery.
my greatest fear is permanent heart damage or dysfunction as I have aspirations to hike and camp and be fit.
Anyway thanks for reading, please share your experience because I cannot seem to find any info elsewhere.
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2021.09.28 09:24 Lazy-Tower2584 ELI5: If earth is in milky way, how can we see it in the sky?

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2021.09.28 09:24 Voyaging-eyes How important is for women, how much $$ a man is worth ??

I’m not comparing a Doctor to a homeless guy, the homeless guy more then like suffers from mental disabilities.
We all know the cliche, old bold rich guy dating a model.
Not every woman is a model, but do women still find themselves more attracted/ interested in that old rich fart over a regular guy with a regular income ??
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2021.09.28 09:24 Apprehensive_Bank804 How much time in between lines…

Like the title says. How much time is enough time in between each line to make sure you aren’t over doing it? There are crazy amounts of lethal pills on my streets right now and I’m splitting what I take into super tiny amounts. But how long is a reasonable amount of time to wait in between lines and most likely be good??
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2021.09.28 09:24 superherofilmbuff If this game doesn't end up supporting crossplay, how many platforms will you be getting it on?

View Poll
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2021.09.28 09:24 canyounoesplayn Albums by other artists comparable to August and Everything After?

This album resonates with me in a way that maybe no other album does. It feels so personal to me (as I’m sure it does for a lot of people).
I think part of the reason for was the point in my life as a teenager that I first listened to it and the bond I have formed with it. Saying that, I was wondering if anyone who feels the same way about this album has any suggestions for albums with a similar level of consistent quality and songwriting by other artists that hold a similar power for them. Kind of like a, if you love AaEA, you’ll probably love this too..
Would love to hear your suggestions!
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2021.09.28 09:24 General_Pie If you had approx $60k at 37, would you buy a house just to get on the ladder?

I'm starting to get sick of waiting til I can afford a better place, or the market to become more FHB friendly, and as I've just had my 37th birthday and have very little to my name, I'm thinking of buying a place, doing it up and renting it out.
With that deposit, is it a bad idea to buy a property? I barely even care where it is, tho I'm thinking regional QLD or Canberra, and I really want a house not a unit. I've lived in too many shit units. I reckon I could live in it for at least 6 months for the FHB grant, and do it up myself as I'm pretty handy. And I can work remotely in my job. I just feel at the moment I'm being totally left behind and while I don't want to be an investment property owner, even if I don't end up living there, I am at least building up equity to eventually afford to buy where I am.
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2021.09.28 09:24 icecream-gamer Do democratic countries see a lot of traffic on election day?

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2021.09.28 09:24 jeffessayexpert Physical Therapy Bachelor's Degree Explained

Health science statistics
PT Skills & Knowledge Gained
· Analyzing patient data through different statistical methods
· Understanding of statistical methods such as correlation, inferential statistics, and analysis of variance
Athletic injuries
· PT Skills & Knowledge Gained
· Diagnosing athletic trauma
· Creating and implementing preventive plans for patients at risk of injury
· Ability to apply sports medicine principles
PT Skills & Knowledge Gained
· Knowing which drugs are appropriate for different conditions
· Recognizing drug abuse issues
· Understanding the physical and psychological effects of different drugs
Health psychology
PT Skills & Knowledge Gained
· Understanding how pain affects a patient’s psychological state
· Making nutritional recommendations that alleviate pain and stress
· Ability to recognize mental health issues
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2021.09.28 09:24 CannedApples13 NA west RP server

Anyone know what the unofficial server is?
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2021.09.28 09:24 columncolumn eWeLink via web browser

Is it possible to control my devices registered with Android eWeLink application in simple Web browser?
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2021.09.28 09:24 3FVAPE_Vaping OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA - Top to Bottom Fanned Airflow

Smaller and a big leap forward! As an improved mini version of the original Arbiter, the OXVA Arbiter 2 features a top-to-bottom fanned airflow on its postless build deck, which improves the flavor further while eliminating leakage.
The OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer becomes an outstanding RTA for its top-to-bottom fanned airflow, allowing air to flow through the glass several circles to make the resulting cloud purer and flavor smoother. On the other hand, Arbiter V2 sets an advance of honeycomb airflow and researches out the new fanned airflow to unlock the airflow, giving you an exceptional full-bodied flavor. Aside from that, it is composed of coils that are suitable for both single and dual construction, and equipped with a 5ml e-juice capacity that is refilled by the top inlet. When you inhale via the 810 & 510 ergonomic drip tip, Arbiter 2 RTA will provide you an unprecedented experience. 100% leakproof technology helps RTA stem the liquid effectively and avoid a messy vaping experience and dirty hands.
Features: 510 threading connection Dimension: 26mm (Bottom: 24.5mm) x 52mm Capacity: 5ml (Bubble Glass) & 3.5ml (Straight Glass) Material: SS, Glass, Resin Drip Tip: 810 & 510 Drip Tip 100% leakproof Innovative top-to-bottom fanned airflow system Dual / single coils configuration 5ml capacity, top filling design
More details for OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA, please check >> https://www.3fvape.com/52575-oxva-arbiter-2-rta.html
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2021.09.28 09:24 DennyTrejo [Store] multiple skins special stickers kato 2014 gold and cologne 2014

Hi, everything in my inventory is up for trade and up for sale. This list is up to date, feel free to add me to discuss offers, fastest way to get a response is to send me a direct trade offer through my trade link.
Also looking for IBP stickers
Links to my profile / trade offer
Steam Profile : profile
Trade offer :trade link
Prices are negotiable, nothing is set in stone.
AWP | Pit Viper (FT): Vox Eminor | Katowice 2014 , HellRaisers | Katowice 2014 , Team EnVyUs | Katowice 2015 , FaZe Clan | Cologne 2016 screenshot B/O 69$
StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Blood Tiger (FN): Team Dignitas (Holo) | Cologne 2014 12%, Virtus.Pro | Cologne 2014 , Team LDLC.com | Cologne 2014 , Ninjas in Pyjamas | Cologne 2014 screenshot B/O 49$
Desert Eagle | Meteorite (MW): balblna (Gold) | Boston 2018 screenshot B/O 29$
Souvenir P90 | Storm (FT): ESL One Cologne 2014 (Gold) , Fnatic (Foil) | Cologne 2014 , iBUYPOWER (Foil) | Cologne 2014 (biggest position) screenshot B/O 29$
AK-47 | Elite Build (FT): STYKO (Gold) | Boston 2018 screenshot 29$
M4A1-S | Boreal Forest (FT): Team Dignitas (Holo) | DreamHack 2014 screenshot B/O 19$
Souvenir P90 | Scorched (FT) :DreamHack Winter 2014 (Foil) , Virtus.Pro (Gold) | DreamHack 2014 , PENTA Sports (Gold) | DreamHack 2014 screenshot B/O 19$
Shadow Daggers | Night (Field-Tested)|float: 0.16059444844722748 screenshot B/O 69$
B/O: Shadow Daggers | Night (Field-Tested) float 0.16
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2021.09.28 09:24 vanerose 5' tall latina metalhead 🖤 NO PPV!

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2021.09.28 09:24 Acibiber63 Sizden zor bir şey isteyeceğim

Şu Melih Gökçek'in Capslocku kapalı yazdığı bir tweet varmı?
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2021.09.28 09:24 sns50 Who should I job next?

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2021.09.28 09:24 ahh_soy Someone Sell a Share on CS and Prove we can do it Quickly

I'm not expert, but since this is the way, can someone put our fears to rest and go ahead and sell one share that you had direct registered and post the results. How did you go about selling it, through your broker or what? How long did it take compared to street name/broker only way?
Once we all know for sure that this won't slow things down during a time when we may want to sell quickly I think more people will feel comfortable doing this.
Please don't simply link to DD where someone is saying that you can sell quickly. SHOW me that you can.
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2021.09.28 09:24 JaimeeSelena I think someone swapped my puppy for a fruit bat 🤔

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2021.09.28 09:24 DateNo2307 started one piece

i read 263 chapters in 12 days and also how long would it take me to fully catch up?
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