About to buy a house with a Vivint PPA

2021.09.28 09:04 Popcrnchicken About to buy a house with a Vivint PPA

This is my first home purchase and I've been researching Vivint PPA. I don't know anything about solar as I've rented my whole life. I found nothing but scathing reviews for this company. If I don't accept the solar PPA, I will likely lose the house. I really don't want to lose this house. What are my options here? Should I just buy the house and see what happens? Try to buy out the system (what happens if I do)? Terms say $162 energy price. 20 year term. Transaction date: 8/206. Approximate start and completion date: 2/2026. I'm unsure if the 20 years resets or if I assume from whatever point the sellers are at.
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2021.09.28 09:04 Duxfeminafacti14 A Different Spaghetti Bolognese

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2021.09.28 09:04 boyman226 Same

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2021.09.28 09:04 youre-a-cat-gatter Inquiry under way at CUMH after baby organs incinerated

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2021.09.28 09:04 ieatpieslol let’s see

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2021.09.28 09:04 D00dmeister I love the covers this guy does from our favourite band

I stumbled across this guy on YouTube, and he consistently bangs out the best tones. I think he uses the same virtual amps as Mike. Just wanted to share, since I think his channel deserves more attention. Silk in the Strings is his latest cover. So impressed by the speed he put these together considering the album hasn't even been out for a week at that point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSFiySQDF8c
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2021.09.28 09:04 ShinyLouisMT Is it just me or nah? 🤣

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2021.09.28 09:04 advancedhairstudio Know about the complete procedure with Advanced Hair Studio

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2021.09.28 09:04 mbpunjabi Need help in getting my network speeds up

I have U8QF and I intend to stream 4k HDR using DLNA or windows share over the local network (pc's quite far away). I dont used the ethernet port coz I know its a 10/100 so I tried connecting through the wifi 5Ghz network but it does not go beyond 80-90 mbps!
This is ridiculous. I tried contacting hisense here they said they would get a replacement network card but I am pretty sure they do not manufacture cards that could give a speed of more than 100 mbps either thru ethernet or 5Ghz.
Plex doesnt work either on these 4k HDR files.
Can anyone help me with any options? Any USB to gigabit ethernet adaptors? What do I do :(
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2021.09.28 09:04 IAE_123 how do i have custom maps for bo3 nosteam

I tried downloading custom maps for nosteam but it doesn't show up
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2021.09.28 09:04 hoovoolooenigma Semi automatic fire rates

From what I understand semi automatics fire when the trigger is pulled? Is there a comparative rate of fire between full automatic like guns like an ar-15 and a semiautomatic hunting rifle like a Ruger 10 22? How about semi automatic handguns?
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Link: https://www.doordash.com/consumereferred/7ac3095b-0e2d-4bb6-b591-a49885b4475a
Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.28 09:04 waethrman r/SDSGrandCross Basic Questions, Advice, and General Discussion Daily Megathread

Welcome to the SDSGrandCross Basic Questions, Advice, and General Discussion Megathread. If you are here to ask questions, seek advice, or just have a chat with other users, you've come to the right place!
Before posting your question, please take a moment to search the sub, and this list of useful links and resources where you may find an answer:

If you are having a technical issue or a problem with a purchase, please contact Netmarble Customer Support. ___
Looking for friends or a guild? Please post in the relevant megathread below:
When posting your question, please be sure to give as much as detail as possible as this will not only help you receive a more accurate answer, but will likely increase the speed at which you receive a response.
If your question could be helped by the inclusion of a screengrab and you are unsure of how to do this, please refer to this guide. ___
Want to find more like-minded people to further discuss the game? Feel free to swing by the official SDSGrandCross Discord Server or the SDSGrandCross Q&A Chat. ___
We ask that question askers please be kind and patient when posting their questions; and want to give a huge thank you to every member of this community who takes the time to respond to the queries posted here.
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2021.09.28 09:04 H25azbxwyz Instagram pauses effort to build version of app for kids amid scrutiny

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2021.09.28 09:04 Heath__bar Transfer worlds from ps4 to different ps4, same account

Hey peoples. I owned a ps4 i no longer have access to, was wondering if i could get my world back with the same account on the old ps4 to the new one using the same account on both
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2021.09.28 09:04 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 09:04 Fordabettergood If you're to say the most information dense and complex sentence ,with only 28 words, what would you say?

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2021.09.28 09:04 Huffle404 Sims 4 Windows 11

I've just upgraded to Windows 11 and I went into the Sims and it told me that my graphics card needed updating, I had been playing 3 hours earlier totally fine, but by the time I'd upgraded it was broken. I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar problem if they'd upgraded yet as well.
I have tried to update my graphics card just in case (it's fully up to date) and made sure that my computer actually met the requirements (it does) so I'm not sure why it doesn't work.
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2021.09.28 09:04 Jealous_Button3852 breaking up was probably a mistake

Hey all 📷 I’m currently in a remote location from work, so not many people to talk to. Hoping I can get some insight here.
About a month and a half ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of over two years. It was pretty sudden. We had a happy, supportive, fun, respectful relationship. But, we were long distance our *entire* relationship.
We, like everyone, had some small issues, mostly external related to the distance. I wasn’t sure I could get into school near him, and started to resent the fact that I was going to have to choose based on him when he hadn’t sacrificed anything for me. He is off the grid for work a ton. I am very independent, but after two moves and a deployment with him completely unavailable — it started to feel like I wasn’t getting any support (though not his fault).
Then there was the effort piece. I am a planner by nature. I would plan our monthly weekends together, choose a venue and schedule activities. I make more so I paid for 85% of it. But I loved making memories with him, so most of the time it didn’t matter. I just felt the strain at times. He never really reciprocated. I tried very hard to communicate my needs, telling him I’d love if he’d plan a weekend, having a couple of “please help me” moments. I have a ton of interests and am easy to please and made lots of suggestions. One time, after he said he’d do better, we chose a weekend for him to plan. He procrastinated big time and I ended up having to take over because his procrastination made everything cost more for me.
When I got home, the plan was for me to go buy a house with him, move in, choose one of the grad schools near him (no matter where I got in), get engaged, and get married. Again speaking to the effort piece — I was staying up in the middle of the night to talk to him, and he was going to bed at 9pm. I sent him an anniversary gift that went unopened on our anniversary.
I got super overwhelmed and scared about our future given all of the change. I didn’t understand why he didn’t propose before I left home. I felt like he just expected me to do all of these things and took me for granted. I called him to talk about it, and he just thought my fears about us living together were ridiculous. He didn’t say much else. No fight at all.
I was crushed by the lack of response. I felt like my whole life just collapsed. And here is where this gets complicated — I went to spend time with some guy who asked if I was okay, and I kissed him. I was sad and don’t have a social network here and made a mistake. My ex is aware of this because it turned into a few week rebound of sorts and he asked, so I was honest. This seems to be our biggest obstacle.
I want my ex back so badly. I love him. He loves me. He’s currently rebounding himself and said so. I don’t know exactly when I’ll get home but I want to say fuck grad school and still move near him just for the chance to be with him again. He was so sad before and took responsibility and said he’d do anything to make it work — but as time goes on he’s becoming more distant. I feel evil and like I ruined my life. We were very happy together, and now I’ll never have that.
I guess my question for this Reddit is whether it’s worth it to try to see him when I get home. Frankly, if he won’t give me a chance, I’m not sure I want to risk reopening old wounds given the months of separation that already exist between us. If he will, I’m still nervous about picking location on something precarious. I am confident he’ll want to see me, but don’t want it to be in the nice pity-your-ex way. I just want my life back — I feel like I got cold feet and failed both of us.
Everything supports the breakupee: songs, individuals. I get it. I’ve been there. But what about when you break your own heart? Because you’re just tired and a messed up, confused, isolated, lonely, sad, anxious human who wants someone to pursue you the way you do them?
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2021.09.28 09:04 Kalkrex-625 I don't know why I was rambling to a baby who's less than a year old about spoons, she can barely even pronounce a few syllables.

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2021.09.28 09:04 Johnnyorbit @mollykrenz

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2021.09.28 09:04 Popular-Cup-8977 💰💲$BNBPAY 💲 Future of Crypto for Commerce | Ecommerce Launch This Week | Point of Sales | Mobile App Demo 📱 | Giving All BSC Tokens Utility | Just Listed on CMC!💲

💲What is BNBPAY💲
💲BNBPAY aims to become the most widely accepted crypto for commerce.
BNBPAY aims to replace legacy payment systems such as paypal, visa etc who takes a large % of fees for processing payments online (ecom) and offline in cafes, restaurants and shops. Built on BSC and using erc-1363 tech, $BPAY can do it all in seconds, anonymous, decentralized and cost just pennies whether its $5 or $500k
We are building a payment ecosystem where you can stake and pay with your fav BSC token Like minidoge or safemoon, and earn rewards!
2️⃣ What makes us different?
BSC is full of meme coins /w no utility, BNBPAY is positioned differently.
Crypto wallet in IOS and Android – will revolutionize crypto payments for commerce

  1. Ecommerce integration - Forgot paypal and visa who charges merchants 2-4% per transaction, we can do instant, borderless commerce payments for only pennies.
  1. Point of Sales system for brick n mortar- shops, cafes, restaurants, merchants will be able to collect funds instantly instead of having to wait for end of day settlement.
  2. Our payment ecosystem will allow you to stake and earn, and if you spend your coin you will also earn rewards.
  3. We aim to incorporate all BSC tokens, so you can stake your MINIDOGE, Pay with SAFEMOON and earn rewards in BPAY!
  4. 1st e-commerce store, coffee bean whole seller where you can pay /w $BPAY!
3️⃣ Tokenomics
This is only during pancake trading to prevent MEV bots.
When new merchant is onboarded, their wallet will be on the excluded list so when customers use bpay to pay for their goods & services they will not be subject to 10% tax.
4️⃣ Our Team!
We have over 10 years combined exp in legacy payment processing systems, so they have the blueprints to create ecomm integration + POS systems from start to finish.
5️⃣ Roadmap
6️⃣ Achieved
⚠️How to Buy LORAN Token ???⚠️
👑 Website : https://www.bnbpay.io/
👑 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BnbPay
📱 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bnbpay/
👑Contract: 0x20cdef5f84a98cebd80f0acd420c21eb7feaac31
👑Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x20cdef5f84a98cebd80f0acd420c21eb7feaac31
👑Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x20cdef5f84a98cebd80f0acd420c21eb7feaac31#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked 18 MONTHS
All these has yet to happen so huge 100x potential.
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2021.09.28 09:04 sky_mommy My relationship ended and I wish it didn’t

I had to end a year and a half long relationship for myself. I talked to them about the problems and issues multiple times and it seemed like they just didn’t care. It ended up with me going through something serious and just needed them to be there for me to break it off. I asked them why they didn’t reach out and they just said idk I was busy and thought you were probably doing something. The fact that they didn’t even try to reach out is what hurts the most. I was there for them when they needed me all the time I’d asked what was going on and tell them that I cared and loved them all the time out of random just because and they rarely did the same for me. All I wanted to feel was wanted and maybe they did care and love me but they never showed that to me. And even when they’d say the wrong things or do something that hurt my feelings they wouldn’t apologize. I cared about them so much having to break it off was one of the hardest things to do but I know if I stayed they wouldn’t grow emotionally or learned communicate because I did try I told them about everything I felt. I’m sad it’s over I don’t want it to be but I know this has to happen for myself, I still love them I don’t think I’ll ever stop and honestly the only person I want to talk to and hug every day is them.
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2021.09.28 09:04 rco888 PH approves vaccination of minors and general public beginning October

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2021.09.28 09:04 Nairobism PM me, email jayessays@outlook.com or Discord at _jay#8387 for help on essays, quizzes and assignments. Payment after completion of work. I don't mind tight deadlines

I will work round the clock to make sure you submit your paper in time. I offer help on different types of high school and undergraduate assignments. My rates are really FRIENDLY AND NEGOTIABLE and I'll deliver a high quality paper which you'll see before paying. pM or send email to jayessays@outlook.com with the details.
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