Is devTWT banned now?

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2021.09.28 08:25 iamnotdat08 Is devTWT banned now?

Please tell me yes
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2021.09.28 08:25 pinkwaterbottle99 In this household, we love CPK, the host of All Things MCC :)

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2021.09.28 08:25 RiversNaught CK2 Immortality Savescumming Workaround

First off, I know, I know, savescumming is bad. Even for good events like Immortality, you might as well be cheating. Well then, at least in this case, call me a cheater for wanting to know how the game works.
The "Matters of Life and Death" event chain to attain immortality is annoying, if deservedly RNG-heavy. What really distinguishes it is you can't easily savescum around it: the outcome of one step in the event chain is decided as early as when you conclude the previous step, necessitating several backup saves made years in advance, which is not entirely feasible in Ironman without messing with the files. However, is this really the case?
Something I found by accident, in Ironman, when taking the Martial route is that there is a workaround. My character had 28 martial, but still would fail both possible routes on the last step towards attaining immortality, either reincarnating or getting Possessed and Stressed. Fortunately, he had the Business focus at the time, so since chance of success is tied to your Martial skill, what if I switched over to the War focus (for 31 martial) 3 days before making either choice? I thought it wouldn't work, since your chances of success are capped at 22 skill, but I figured, if nothing else, this would be a way to reset the check. Somehow it did work — I took the first option, drunk the herbs, and became Immortal instead of reincarnating!
Now I wonder if it would have been sufficient to take the Hunting focus, or even if decreasing my Martial skill by unequipping some artifacts would have been sufficient to reset the check in this way. If I had taken, say, the Diplomacy route, would I have achieved the same results by taking the Family or Carousing focuses instead? I would love to hear some potential explanations for this phenomenon from people who know the game's code better than me.
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2021.09.28 08:25 jCricket35 Queen’s Underworld Mercenary

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2021.09.28 08:25 CT032295 Seductive look

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2021.09.28 08:25 ice_wallow_come1904 I have an upcoming entrance exam next year and I have some questions. I am also seeking for reviewing tips/strategies, advices and recommendations.

Idk if this is the right community to post this, if it isn't then I'll delete it later. So I will be taking an entrance exam/admission test next year. But I do have some questions. How can I prepare the math and general science portion without knowing exactly what will I prepare for? Do I just do it by reviewing it from start to finish and just start taking practice tests?

I get really anxious of my skills because I always tend to overthink that my skills will not be enough in taking this test as it will be my first. Another problem that I have is in these types of situations, I burn much more time because I always over analyze everything to make sure that my answer is correct lol.

Last thing I need is some resources for practice tests and the best videos that I can watch on youtube to revised all of the concepts. I also need some resources for logical reasoning. If you have some reviewing tips that you use, please do share it so I can have some ideas on how will I prepare for this test. Every advice and recommendations from y'all will be gladly appreciated.
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2021.09.28 08:25 gotfannorthofthewall Danielle Herrington

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2021.09.28 08:25 Ahiru_no_inu My puffco battle station featuring Kuchi kopi.

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2021.09.28 08:25 ilikepeople1990 [Round 101582] Give me the coordinates of the top of the circled thing

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2021.09.28 08:25 AffectionateChain418 Hello guys i got a referral all u need to do is confirm your id deposit 1euro send to friend using verse and you will get 5euros enjoy!!! if u need help hit me on pm on instagram: tautis_20

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2021.09.28 08:25 SRBzola On the Isolated map do you get counterattack points

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2021.09.28 08:25 OceanCat13 Best Political Science Schools?

Prospective PoliSci transfer here. Currently at a CC and applying to a number of T20 schools, but at the end of the day it’ll likely end up being a choice between UCLA and UCB. UCLA has been my dream school for a while but I’m really open to anything and dont have any dirt against UCB. I don’t like looking at rankings and taking them to heart cuz at the end of the day what counts is how happy you are at a school and rankings dont determine that. But for the sake of this post, does anyone have any recommendations ations as to pick one school over the other? I want to eventually apply to law school after undergrad if that affects the conversation, but I’m pretty sure school prestige does not affect law school admissions if you go to a school in the caliber of UCLA/UCB. I’m all ears and open to suggestions. Which one is better for polisci? UCLA or UCB? Or should I consider the programs of Georgetown, UPenn, Columbia, as even better? Thanks everyone :)
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2021.09.28 08:25 Dependent_Ad_3014 Y’all shmoke shweed? Let’s end it

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2021.09.28 08:25 captain12flame I made a game with youtubers (including Dani) coming out this Sunday

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2021.09.28 08:25 Krektix Hooking survivors

Anyone else have the glitch where a survivor dies in a hook but you still hear them struggling?
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2021.09.28 08:25 saayx Kopftuchträgerin zur Wahl in Bergheim nur ohne Kopftuch zugelassen

Auf TikTok geht gerade ein Video viral, welches anscheinend zeigt, dass in Bergheim Frauen mit Kopftuch der Zutritt zum Wahllokal untersagt wurde. Die Frau wurde wohl aufgefordert das Kopftuch abzunehmen, dann dürfe Sie auch das Kreuz machen. Natürlich wurde berechtigterweise nach der rechtlichen Grundlage dafür gefragt und geantwortet wurde nur „sie könne sich ja bei der Stadt beschweren“. Zum Glück hat sie das auch mit Erfolg getan.
Kennt ihr ähnliche Fälle? Vielleicht sogar aus Bergheim?
Hier das Video mit der Story, erzählt vom Bruder:
Hier ein Video von der direkten Konfrontation beim 3ten Versuch wählen zu gehen:
Hier der einzige Beitrag den ich bis jetzt online dazu gefunden habe:
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2021.09.28 08:25 Zeetrel Thoughts?

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2021.09.28 08:25 83d08204-62f9 It be like that. DRS is the way

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2021.09.28 08:25 Anuj2213 Best Pediatricians in Baner | Pediatrician in Baner - Sus Hospital

As a parent, it’s normal for you to desire the best medical attention to be showered on your child. Sus Hospital operates as the Best Pediatricians in Baner ,our advanced care pediatric hospital uses the latest technology. Book Appointment Now
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2021.09.28 08:25 CompetitiveLet5435 [RECRUITING] [A3] [OPTRE] [EST] Marine Task Force Castle

Marine Task Force Castle MTF Castle is a brand new OPTRE uniy based in the year 2553, we are a non-canon unit that will consist of a Marine Mechanized Infantry Company, an ODST Company, and a Marine Air Wing, we are a new unit that is currently in the start-up phase and are only looking for experienced players looking to fill the below listed slots -Infantry Leadership -Aviation Leadership -ZUES
Requirements: -must be 16+ -must have a working copy of ARMA 3 -must have a working mic -Must be able to attend 1-2 Operations per 7 day week
If your interested or have any questions feel free to join the link below and make sure to mention you came from reddit, thankyou
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2021.09.28 08:25 emoneymuzik Dedicating the rest of the season and post season to Captain Belt. Time for a flair change. Thanks Kuip, now let’s do it for Belt!!

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2021.09.28 08:25 datapomelo Could you please recommend a good place for children to start learning violin in the south bay?

Hi everyone,
My 6-yr old said she wanted to learn to play violin because "it is small and cute". She is new to music and hasn't learned any music theory yet.
Are there any music schools or classes that you would recommend for someone like her to start learning violin? A group lesson to start, maybe, and if she likes it, we could go to private lessons.
We live in Santa Clara county and can go to places in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/Cupertino or as far as Mountain View or west San Jose.
Neither parent knows music or violin. I found some music schools from Google search and don't know if they are good. I hope we could get some recommendations here.
Thank you so much.
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2021.09.28 08:25 Lochltar How I get this one ? I tried everything.

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2021.09.28 08:25 Quesbe I want to do makeup, and I don't know where to start.

I really like makeup, and I want to try wearing makeup -- but I don't a lot of things about it. Does anyone has any tips, tutorial, a list of stuff I need to get started? Thanks :D
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