Lerch is teaching us how to be a giga chad

2021.09.28 09:32 AskaBeasty222 Lerch is teaching us how to be a giga chad

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2021.09.28 09:32 BeardoPrime "You Me Sushi"

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2021.09.28 09:32 hyperchromatica Got revenge today and ate the BBEG!

My sea elf character made the mistake of thinking she was the main character before the start of our campaign 2 years ago. Her parents were turned into monsters and killed years later by her people's kraken overlord, she was used like a puppet for 10 of her 26 years of life, while her surrender in the name of peace was exploited to wage a continent wide war crippling the land faring kingdoms and wiping out 2.
And today the party that got sent into the future while she remained returned to kill the kraken, and won. Then she finished off her patron and ate him, gaining his powers. The end.
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2021.09.28 09:32 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 09:32 FhrynzFlores07 ...

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2021.09.28 09:32 MrDooki [1950s] Ethiopian volunteers in the Korean wars.

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2021.09.28 09:32 Popular-Cup-8977 💰💲$BNBPAY 💲 Future of Crypto for Commerce | Ecommerce Launch This Week | Point of Sales | Mobile App Demo 📱 | Giving All BSC Tokens Utility | Just Listed on CMC!💲

💲What is BNBPAY💲
💲BNBPAY aims to become the most widely accepted crypto for commerce.
BNBPAY aims to replace legacy payment systems such as paypal, visa etc who takes a large % of fees for processing payments online (ecom) and offline in cafes, restaurants and shops. Built on BSC and using erc-1363 tech, $BPAY can do it all in seconds, anonymous, decentralized and cost just pennies whether its $5 or $500k
We are building a payment ecosystem where you can stake and pay with your fav BSC token Like minidoge or safemoon, and earn rewards!
2️⃣ What makes us different?
BSC is full of meme coins /w no utility, BNBPAY is positioned differently.
Crypto wallet in IOS and Android – will revolutionize crypto payments for commerce

  1. Ecommerce integration - Forgot paypal and visa who charges merchants 2-4% per transaction, we can do instant, borderless commerce payments for only pennies.
  1. Point of Sales system for brick n mortar- shops, cafes, restaurants, merchants will be able to collect funds instantly instead of having to wait for end of day settlement.
  2. Our payment ecosystem will allow you to stake and earn, and if you spend your coin you will also earn rewards.
  3. We aim to incorporate all BSC tokens, so you can stake your MINIDOGE, Pay with SAFEMOON and earn rewards in BPAY!
  4. 1st e-commerce store, coffee bean whole seller where you can pay /w $BPAY!
3️⃣ Tokenomics
This is only during pancake trading to prevent MEV bots.
When new merchant is onboarded, their wallet will be on the excluded list so when customers use bpay to pay for their goods & services they will not be subject to 10% tax.
4️⃣ Our Team!
We have over 10 years combined exp in legacy payment processing systems, so they have the blueprints to create ecomm integration + POS systems from start to finish.
5️⃣ Roadmap
6️⃣ Achieved
⚠️How to Buy LORAN Token ???⚠️
👑 Website : https://www.bnbpay.io/
👑 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BnbPay
📱 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bnbpay/
👑Contract: 0x20cdef5f84a98cebd80f0acd420c21eb7feaac31
👑Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x20cdef5f84a98cebd80f0acd420c21eb7feaac31
👑Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x20cdef5f84a98cebd80f0acd420c21eb7feaac31#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked 18 MONTHS
All these has yet to happen so huge 100x potential.
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2021.09.28 09:32 Mizukari13 How many other people were today years old when they found out they were a Benny main? (Don’t even use him as pure support either)

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2021.09.28 09:32 GIG1LO Что думаете о планшетах Microsoft Surface? Хороший конкурент iPad’a?

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2021.09.28 09:32 moviesandthecritic what to get..

Im getting into video editing and taking it very seriously and been looking for a proper good laptop maybe a Macbook Pro.. would LOVE to hear some opinions and options.. thank you!
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2021.09.28 09:32 Brawlstars Meg Update - Release Notes - #suitup

Meg Update - Release Notes - #suitup
New Brawler - Meg
Meg is the third member of Max’s and Surge’s trio and she’s a smart vending machine repair girl who wants to be a hero like Max and Surge, and although they think she’s not ready to fight yet, Meg always joins the battle anyway!
  • Legendary Brawler
  • Main Attack (Normal form) - Clean Up
    • Weak (but courageous!) medium-range shot
  • Super Ability (Normal form) - Mega Machina
    • Call for her Mecha armor!
    • When in Mecha form Meg gets two different attacks and a lot more Health Points! But her Health Points decay over time
    • Once her Mecha HP reaches 0, she goes back to her normal form
  • Main Attack (Mecha form) - Crowd Control
    • A strong barrage of bullets (8 projectiles, 4 from each cannon)
  • Super Ability (Mecha form) - Feel the Steel
    • Her Super button then becomes a secondary attack! It’s a melee swipe causing lots of damage in a wide arc
    • This attack charges automatically and doesn't get charged with normal attacks
  • Gadget - Jolting Volts
    • Heal mecha by 450 health per second for 5 seconds
  • Star Power - Force Field
    • Her normal form gets a 35% shield for 30 seconds after a mecha suit is destroyed.
  • Star Power - Self Destruction
    • Upon expiring, the mecha suit explodes dealing 1000 damage to nearby opponents and pushing them away
New Skins & Visual Improvements
New Skins
  • SC MAKE - Gladiator Colette - 149 gems
  • V8-Bit - Challenge Reward - 79 gems - Available after the challenge
  • Gold/Silver
    • Brock, Poco, 8-bit, Pam, Max
Animated Pins
  • Brawl-o-ween Rosa
  • Brawlydays Pins
  • Dark Lord Spike - Unlocked for the Skin owners
  • Lunar New Year Pins
  • Meg Pins are also animated!
Game Modes
  • Added more animating banners for Showdown, Brawl ball and Bounty!
  • Showdown+
    • Defeating a brawler now gives +2 trophies, and if you get defeated you lose 2
Skin Selector Improvements
  • An easier way to select your skin!
  • Also adding an option to randomize your skin every match (among the ones you already have)
Seasonal Events
  • Return to Retropolis
    • Acquire all Retropolis skins and receive an exclusive pin for each brawler!
    • Retropolis Skins are now seasonal
  • Return to Retropolis
    • 2 maps per stage
    • 5 stages
    • Re-buys enabled
    • V8-Bit is the final reward
    • All maps have the Retropolis environment theme
  • Pins can now be used in club chat!
Friends Screen/Menu
  • Invite window now shows the game mode you currently have selected
  • There are now two status changes, you can now signal to your friends that you are looking for a team or that you are a team looking for a player
Brawler Balance
  • Brock
    • Increased main attack explosion radius by 50%. In an effort to provide each long-range damage dealer with their own niche, Brock's abilities now focus more on his ability to deal area and splash damage. The nerfs to his main attack range and damage are meant to off-set his new area damage potential
  • Jacky
    • Removed delay on super activation
    • Jacky can move and attack earlier after activating her super Jacky's Super "Holey Moley!" was too weak and never really fulfilled its intended role, mainly due to the involved delay timers. Removing the delay and allowing Jacky to be more mobile should allow her to become more of a threat when she activates her Super
  • Brock
    • Reduced main attack damage from 1220 to 1160
    • Rocket Fuel - Removed the bonus damage from the Gadget
    • Main attack - Range decreased(30->27) to offset for explosion increase
  • Belle
    • Reduced Main attack damage from 1100 to 1040
    • Reduced Main attack bounce damage from 550 to 520 Despite the previous nerfs, Belle still dominated in several game modes and maps. Reducing her damage from the main attack (and indirectly bounce damage) should bring her more in line with other long-range damage dealers and less of a must-pick
  • Carl
    • Heat Ejector fire now follows the next main attack rather than Carl himself. Carl's Gadget "Heat Ejector" was only useful when fleeing from an engagement or in conjunction with his Super. This change will give the Gadget more versatility, allow for more interesting plays and give him more area control capabilities which is in line with the rest of his kit
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where wizard Byron animations were breaking when airborne
  • Fixed an issue where Edgar Fisticuffs Star Power increased the timer of the movement speed boost after jumping
  • Fixed an issue where spikes gadget would not get launched by jump pads
  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Piper skin would cause minor screen shake when she starts moving
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2021.09.28 09:32 monicagellerr Is it too late to take probiotics after taking antibiotics 2 months ago?

Title says it all.
I took amoxicillin for a week and then a Z pack right after for 5 days. My gut hasn’t been the same since. Irregular bowel movements, some cramping, trapped gas etc. I have been eating mostly healthy, eating some probiotic foods like Greek yogurt and taking a probiotic capsule for almost a month now. However, I just realized the probiotics expired last year so I don’t know if they’ve actually been doing anything. I think I’m improving slightly, at least my symptoms seems less, but I don’t know. Certain foods like dairy (except yogurt) trigger me,
Im just wondering if it’s worth buying more probiotics, like capsules. And if so which ones would be good? I’ve heard Align is good but idk.
I’m also going to buy Kefir tomorrow (I’ve heard it’s better to make it but I have absolutely no where to make it in my house
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2021.09.28 09:32 Own-Leadership-6429 👑ADARoyale - The King Of ADA Rewards Tokens - Both Devs Doxxed and Based! Fair Launched Under 1 Hours Ago! Active Community! Devs are on Video Chat!

Welcome to ADARoyale, a passive income generating token which reward it's HODLers in ADA / Cardano.
Why ADA?
The team believe that ADA / Cardano is destined for great things, upon the launch of smart contracts we may see ADA be the next BNB / Ethereum. By implementing ADA as a reward, it generates income in both the investors initial investment, as well as providing them a second passive income. So while people sell, your total holdings grow.
💰 8% AUTO ADA reward
📊 1% Marketing
📈 1% Liquidity
Total Supply: 1B
Max Wallet: 4%
Max buy: 4%
Max Sell: 1%
Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀
👑 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xf8b59f5e67cd40233eccff37c5fe24e503290861
👑 Contract: 0xf8b59f5e67cd40233eccff37c5fe24e503290861
👑 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf8b59f5e67cd40233eccff37c5fe24e503290861#readContract
🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x229eea8ac5c814dad41fbcb9ee3714de5d794982
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2021.09.28 09:32 niuz-bot webPR Actualitatea WoW Europe. Ora deschisă de sport, în locuri emblematice din țară - [Actualitate][Esențial]

Demonstrații sportive de mare clasă făcute în locuri încărcate de semnificații culturale și turistice. Așa poate fi descrisă acțiunea „Ora deschisă de sport”, care face parte din Proiectul WoW Europe, și s-a desfășurat simultan în România și în cele 9 țări partenere - Bulgaria, Italia, Letonia, Lituania, Republica Macedonia de Nord, Portugalia, Slovenia, Spania și Turcia. În România, au fost făcute demonstrații de atletism, aikido, baschet 3x3, gimnastică aerobică, haltere, judo, karate, kempo, kickboxing, lupte, lupte arhaice, pangration, scrimă și tenis de masă în locuri precum Cascada Șopot și Lacul Surduc, Palatul CEC din București, Sighetul Marmației sau Conacul Marghiloman din Buzău.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-esential-25066114-webpr-actualitatea-wow-europe-ora-deschisa-sport-locuri-emblematice-din-tara.htm
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2021.09.28 09:32 Antique-Wolverine-59 I’m concerned about my workload?

My workload in my new job has reduced substantially. I used to perform 80-100 different tasks that would keep me busy.
I noticed in the last week, this has slowed off significantly.
Yesterday I only had tasks in the morning and nothing beyond 12pm. I sat there for hours.
At the end of the day, I emailed my manager asking for more tasks if possible. I have come in and my email has had no response. My workload is at 0, I have no tasks.
Usually I have about 30 tasks each morning. Is this a sign I’m being fired or that they don’t trust my work?
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2021.09.28 09:32 turboJ_134 [M4F] 28 India/Anywhere Looking for a serious relationship

I am single male working as a software dev... Looking to meet new people on here preferably open minded and interested females ! I am looking for a genuine conversation getting to know eachother.. talking over vc . I don't look for great appearance but all I need is a kind soul willing to put the effort in building up something beautiful. I love listening to music and gaming. Let's talk and see where it takes us! Note : Platonic Friendly
I would love to get to know more about yourself. We can talk daily. I don't mind meeting up as well .
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2021.09.28 09:32 Opening-Green-3643 Anyone online ?

Would really like some kind encouraging words of reassurance.
Today was had grilled fish take out for lunch from a 4.5/5 star place. Amazing we’ve been eating from there for years, the food is amazing.
I had about 1/4 of my whole fish before I gave it away, my bf feels feel (he ate the rest of my fish) and now my stomach is feeling weird ? Idk if it’s because it’s been 3-4 hours since my meal or I’m due for my monthlies.
Would just like some positive feedback please 🤎🤎
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2021.09.28 09:32 alexfromokc My body is now your communion. Eat from me.

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2021.09.28 09:32 Shenty1999 Materialism defense

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2021.09.28 09:32 niuz-bot Cseke Attila s-a vaccinat cu doza a treia de vaccin anti-COVID / Câți români s-au programat în platformă pentru doza suplimentară - [Actualitate][Coronavirus]

Ministrul interimar al Sănătății, Cseke Attila, s-a vaccinat cu doza a treia de vaccin anti-COVID, marți dimineață, când în România a început administrarea dozei suplimentare de vaccin. El a anunțat că de luni seară, de când se pot face programări pentru doza 3, în platforma de vaccinare s-au înregistrat aproximativ 12.000 de persoane.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-coronavirus-25066037-cseke-attila-vaccinat-doza-treia-vaccin-anti-covid-cati-romani-programat-platforma-pentru-doza-suplimentara.htm
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2021.09.28 09:31 KyromxLmn Trading 7 sasquatch for 9 kirin/8 kirin

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2021.09.28 09:31 SoraTerra99 I (M22) really struggling to make friends in university

Currently pursuing degree in the university, and as now it is pandemic, all classes are conducted online, and I am finding it hard to make friends during these times, due to me being introverted and shy person. I'm also considered 'late' to pursue my degree after diploma as I worked after I finished my diploma due to my family have financial problems and it led me to find my own money for me to afford this degree while seeing all my friends continue their degree straight after finishing diploma. Seeing all of my friends will finish their degree next year while me will be late compare to them, and me really finding it hard to make new friends during these online courses, it is really shitty and depressing. Thank you if anyone reading this, I just need to tell someone out there ;)
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2021.09.28 09:31 niuz-bot Ministrul Sănătății, întrebat despre introducerea certificatului COVID și pentru profesori: Vom discuta / Angajații din sistemul sanitar care nu prezintă certificat COVID pot fi concediați - [Actualitate][Sanatate]

Angajații din sistemul medical care refuză vaccinarea anti-COVID și testarea vor avea contractul de muncă suspendat, iar după 30 de zile se poate ajunge la concediere, prevede proiectul de lege promovat de Ministerul Sănătății, a explicat marți ministrul Cseke Attila. Întrebat despre introducerea certificatului COVID-19 și pentru cadrele didactice, el a spus că se va discuta cu miniștrii.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-sanatate-25066121-ministrul-sanatatii-intrebat-despre-introducerea-certificatului-covid-pentru-profesori-vom-discuta-angajatii-din-sistemul-sanitar-care-nu-prezinta-certificat-covid-pot-concediati.htm
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2021.09.28 09:31 Iritarora55 Online casino Bookmaker software

If anyone wants to become a bookmaker I can provide you with appropriate software in which you can make master id and add agents for players All casinos sportsbet fantastly game all in one at one place
You will ask for money in your account or wallet and add points through your id in players id At best price Dm for more info Thank you
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2021.09.28 09:31 5ilverAssassin Which gaming laptop should I get

Hey guys I am stuck between this Asus ROG strix gaming laptop with 16gb ram rtx 3050 https://www.harveynorman.com.au/asus-rog-strix-g15-15-6-inch-r5-5600h-16gb-512gb-ssd-rtx3050-4gb-gaming-laptop.html ... And this gigabyte at a very similar price and specification except for the rtx 3060. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53794/gigabyte-g5-core-i5-rtx-3060-15-6in-fhd-ips-144hz-laptop
I am in Australia and I believe the Asus will come with 1 year warranty whereas Gigabyte 2 years. I am unsure as I have heard some people say that the gigabyte although higher rtx has loud fan and shorter battery life. This laptop will be used at school too where I won't be gaming so this is important. I would only be gaming at home.
(Also Asus doesn't have webcam which isn't a deal breaker but still something to consider).
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