Lost in life (mostly question marks around jobs)

2021.09.28 10:17 anxiety___throw Lost in life (mostly question marks around jobs)

I know there are a lot of posts like this lately, so this will be more of a collection of my thoughts, but of course I accept advice and constructive criticism. I'll try to sum things up shortly, but knowing myself it will still be long, haha.
So the current situation is that I have a diploma which I can't/don't really want to use because it's a foreign language one but I don't speak the language too well, and I don't even want a job in that country or connected to that knowledge. In fact, I have no idea what do I want.
I've had signs of depression since my teens: lack of enjoyment/interest and lack of motivation. It wasn't too bad when I was in school since I just "did what I had to", but now that I have endless job opportunities, it's like I suddenly have to decide on something and do that even though I'm probably not interested in it. And yes, this may seem extreme, but I actually don't know what my interests and hobbies are, if there are any.
I like playing videogames, watching streams on Twitch, videos on YT - but that's about it. And however much I'd like to think I can make money in the future by streaming or monetizing my videos, 1) there's only a slim chance for that to happen, 2) I can't live off of that money alone, and 3) frankly, I don't even want to either. I want a fulfilling job which I like, and I believe it can't be a (solely) home office one for the sake of my mental health. I need that exercise or experience of leaving home for work, keeping the two places separate, if that makes sense.
So what am I doing now to be closer to the answer? I'm looking for not too specific, more common jobs now, like receptionist, office worker, etc. Even though I know I don't like the 9-to-5 worktime, I also know that I need to start somewhere, I have to make compromises first.
In the meantime, I started a yoga instructor course online. I'm not sure I'd like to have that as my job, but 1) it would be beneficial for my health, 2) I could at least earn some money while I'm figuring things out, 3) it's not a 9-to-5 job. I think I'll only be able to finish it in the beginning of next year though, that's the earliest.
I'm also waiting for my driving school to call me when will my instructor be free to start the lessons with me. I failed my previous test, so I know how to drive, I remember enjoying it, that's why I still want to get my license. I'm thinking of a food delivery job or something like that where 1) I can kinda arrange my own schedule, 2) I can enjoy driving a car, 3) I have alone time but I also have little interactions with people, and 4) it's most likely not a 9-to-5 job.
So yeah, these are my current thoughts and "plans". I'm still lacking motivation to do things, but I'm trying. And I also know that I need money for my future goals of moving out of my family's house, go to therapy for my depression and anxiety, etc. I just feel lost ever since I received my diploma, like I'm unable to go forward because I'm still not sure what I want. I know this isn't uncommon with people in their 20s, but damn, it really is discouraging to see some of my peers having the time of their life (in their job, with their children, etc.), and even seeing people in their 40s and 50s being content with average jobs and lives, while here I am, being depressed since years over basically nothing.
I'm trying not to be hard on myself, but sometimes I just can't think positively of what I'm (not) doing, how and where I stand in life. I also have worries and insecurities regarding my friends, relationships and myself too, but right now I think what I need most is to get a daily routine (that involves getting out of my house and doing something productive) and to earn money to broaden my options and to be able to heal myself better.
So uhh, not sure how to end this "little" rambling, lol. I guess if you're in the same boat, know that you're not alone, and if you want to, we could maybe share ideas and inspire each other to be able to find our own life's purpose. If you were in the same boat in the past, I'd be glad to hear your story - it's usually a good motivator to see/read that someone has overcome feelings and situations like this. And if you stuck around until the end only to read my story, then thank you, that's already more than some people do in my life.
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2021.09.28 10:17 fadheit Kat Von T - Room 21/My Personal Hell

Hello, friends. Please rate the song. I really need your opinion. For your convenience, there is a link to all available music ploashadki: https://links.freshtunes.com/WmIfI Thank you very much!
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Selling darling Valentina heels-
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2021.09.28 10:17 TheCompleteChum People who went to a school that wasn't in your first language, what was your favorite mistranslation?

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2021.09.28 10:17 mushkleem i emailed mihoyo to ask if xingyun was canon,, lets wait for answers

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2021.09.28 10:17 tj_bored Who is the smartest "lazy" person you've seen?

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2021.09.28 10:17 UzytkownikPiotr I've just read article about Vikings where author stated that bathing and washing clothes was considered sinful amongst the contemporary Christians. Is this claim true? If so, do we have any idea where that line of thought could have developed from?

For example, in that article, author cites 13th century English chronicler that tried to justify the massacre on Scandinavians in England:
The Danes made themselves too acceptable to English women by their elegant manners and their care of their person. They combed their hair every day, bathed every Saturday, and even changed their garments often. They set off their persons by many such frivolous devices. In this manner, they laid siege to the virtue of the married women and persuaded the daughters, even of the nobles, to be their concubines. (135).
Or another quote from it:
After the Viking sack of the monastery of Lindisfarne in 793, the scholar Alcuin (d. c. 804) wrote a number of letters to English kings denouncing those Christians who had begun dressing and caring for themselves as the pagan Vikings did since this had obviously incurred God’s wrath. The Viking raids in Britain, he claimed, were a punishment from God for the people’s sin of self-care apparent in their emulation of the Vikings:

Consider the dress, the way of wearing the hair, the luxurious habits of the princes and people. Look at your trimming of the beard and hair, in which you have wished to resemble the pagans. Are you not menaced by terror of them whose fashion you wished to follow? (Somerville & McDonald, 187)
Is it true?
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2021.09.28 10:17 Druid-of-The-Spores I think I made a Nuzlocke

So basically after getting the Cut parter move I went out of the S.S.Anne and went back up to Cerulean City. And I went through to route 9.
I battled every Trainer along the routes.
I expected the old “There’s a herd of Mareep blocking your path.” Thing but…. No.
I battled alongside the Elite Four Member and busted Team Rocket then I battled every Trainer outside the cave after healing my Pokémon.
Then I went inside of Rock tunnel blind. It was a hard fought battle but I made it through the cave after battling every trainer. It took me a few tries. After that I basically stumbled into encounters and didn’t face any gym leaders.
You do have to get the Cubone part of the story done with to get the partner move but after that I progress through the storyline as little as I possibly can.
I tried to face every trainer on each route that I go on. There were some I skipped because I had to get to a Pokémon center or else I would be thrown back to the last town I was in.
Throughout this I try and use my partner as little as I can. Because they DONT disobey you. All of my Pokémon were pushing level 30 and some were a few levels above. It’s hard because your Pokémon might disobey you because you only have two Gym Badges.
After getting the gold teeth from team rocket you get the strength move from the Safari old guy and then it’s onto Blaine. Beat every Trainer on the route to the ice cave then go inside and make your way to Cinnabar Island.
Now I chose to get the Badge from Blaine but you don’t have to. Then you go up to Pallet Town and up to Where Giovanni’s gym is. But you haven’t beaten team rocket yet.
Here is where you are now allowed to beat team rocket. Then after doing so challenge Giovanni and get that Earth Badge!!!
Afterwards get the other badges and defeat the Elite Four!
Have fun and I hope that you try this out! Maybe even add the Let’s Go Nuzlocke rules on top of it?? Anyway you do you! Proof that it’s possible
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2021.09.28 10:17 Azrael1793 Showing images stored in post

Trying to make a blog with React and UIkit following steps of the old starter template that seems to be discontinued. I've insterted an Image via the content editor on the adming panel, the markdown generated inside the text editor, between the article content is:

![image name.jpg](/uploads/image_name.jpg) 
Now when I render the post inside a React Markdown component what is displayed is just the alt text, since the file cannot be found, when I analyze the generated tag :
image name.jpg 
Now obviously on my local development setup this file is not found, since the correct url would be something along the line of 'http://localhost:1337/public/uploads/image_name.jpg' (which also isn't the right one, sorry I'm a beginner). How would I go to redirect automatically those url to the correct ones? Also, on a more advanced setup, would images still be stored inside the backend server or there is some sort of integration with external cloud image storage?
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It's US.
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2021.09.28 10:17 Top-Difficulty2537 Boredom hits

I've started just a few days ago,but now everything has became boring.Nothing excites me except the thought of sex which i want to avoid at all costs as it is a trigger.How can I stay away from this boredom provided that I am working from home?
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2021.09.28 10:17 Magmorix The Donkey Kong expansion to Super Nintendo World in Japan, previously rumored for Epic Universe has been announced for 2024!

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Anyone have tips for bedwars or good kit combos?
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